AirComfort UVC-LED Feature Comparison Chart

AirComfort 70 Air Duct UVC-LED Light Lamp Air Duct UVC Light Defogger Chemical Cleaning HEPA Filter
State of the art technology Yes No N/A No
Most powerful Yes No No No
Holds up to the furnace fan vibration Yes No N/A Yes
Rugged and robust Yes No N/A No
Suitable for air duct application Yes No No Yes
Reduces indoor airborne viruses Yes Yes No No
Enough power to reduce indoor airborne viruses and bacteria Yes No No No
Superior performance Yes No No No
Light comes on when the fan comes on Yes No N/A N/A
Shuts off when the fan shuts off to save energy and increase fixture life Yes No N/A N/A
Instant on, instant off Yes No N/A N/A
Saves 80% energy Yes No N/A N/A
Advanced thermal management Yes No N/A N/A
Environmentally friendly Yes No No No
Engineered for field serviceability with reusable ‘plug and play’ parts Yes No N/A N/A
RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) Compliant Yes No No Yes
Long Maintenance free life span Yes No N/A No
5 years maintenance-free warranty Yes No N/A No
Dry or wet disinfection Dry Dry Wet N/A
Chemical residue build up over time No No Yes No
Needs to be continuously on No Yes N/A N/A
Requires frequent maintenance for lamp/filter replacement No Yes N/A Yes
Fragile lamps No Yes N/A No
Contains hazardous chemicals and mercury No Yes Yes No
Danger of mercury contamination inside the building No Yes No No
Becomes a biohazard No No No Yes