Unmatched air care technology

Protect your building from pollutants and odors

Unmatched Air Care Technology

Eliminate viruses, allergens and odors in your building.

No longer worry about viruses, allergens and odors in your building.

LED technology designed to ensure complete protection for your building.

+ Robust design

+ 9 year LED life-span

+ Cutting-edge LED technology

You deserve to be protected against harmful air pollutants.

Precisely engineered to identify and eliminate a broad spectrum of airborne threats. Our innovative solution goes beyond, proactively enhancing air safety and habitability of indoor spaces, ensuring a healthier and more secure environment for all.

Simple Install

Seamlessly integrates into existing HVAC equipment.

+ Eradicates air pollutants instantly

+ Odors no longer a problem

+ Instant clean air

Ready for a breath of fresh air?

Breathe fresh air into your business